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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lara's profile

Hello everyboby!

My name is Lara, I'm 25 years old and I live in Vicenza with my parents. I study at the university of Padua, I have the degree in "Mediazione linguistica e culturale" and this is my second and last year (I hope!) at the specialistica .

I chose this photo because I really love animals but my mother is allergic so I can't have any animals at home. Fortunately my boyfriend has two dogs -Dinca and Tina- and a cat -Mina- so when I go at his house I play a lot with them. However, when I was a child this proibition to have animals caused me lot of pain. Now, every time I see a photo like this I feel happy because I know that nothing has changed: my passion for animals is the same. I think this photo says many things about my personality; I'm like a "little child": ingenuous, direct, open, plain and natural. I say everything I think; I'm istinctive like animals.

I adore staying with my friends, going out with them to the cinema or to the disco. In my spare time I do some sports: jazzercise and swimming. I like reading, watching movies and cooking (even if I know I need to practice!). However, the most important thing in my life is my nephew. He is 4 years old, spontaneous, intelligent, sensitive and funny; I love playing with him.

The photo I chose talks about me. It is a white flower that suggests the idea of purity and simplicity. This flower seems to be fragile and delicate but at the same time proud and strong. I love nature and I think it is the most wonderful example of the world's beauty. The image represents my self even in another way: my passion for everything is natural and not artificial as technology for instance.

As regards internet, I must be honest: I hate the computer, it makes me nervous. I try to avoid using it when it is possible. I know this is a bad thing in fact I'm satisfied that at the university there are many courses which help me to learn how to use that machine! But it is very diffucult for me. Anyway, I can say to use often at least two websites: to see my mails and to have any information about my courses. Another website I use is google because it is a huge search engine: news, gossip, reaserches and curiosities.
I think that's all for the moment.
See you soon.


At 10/23/2006 12:29 PM, Blogger Alice said...

Hi Lara!
I'm glad that you have chosen my profile!
About the third season of OC I can tell you that has not finished yet but 'Italia 1' cancelled it because its viewing figures was not very high. But don't worry becase the new episodes will be on TV before prime time around the month of December.
I love Beverly Hills too, I think like all the girls who grew up in those years...^_^
I have asked what my favourite serial is but it's a little bit difficult for me to chose one since I LOVE ALL but in this period the most I like is PRISON it, it's very interresting!
See you soon

At 10/23/2006 12:52 PM, Blogger francesca said...

Hi Lara!! I decided to comment your profile because I love animals too!!!I can’t imagine my life without animals!! Dogs are my real passion, but I also like a lot cats, rabbits, fishes and horses!! Unfortunately at the moment I have only a dog, the garden of my house is not so big, so it is really hard to keep other dogs or cats, besides my parents are too busy to look after too many pets and me too as I live in Padua (at the moment) . When I have my own house ( and I hope as soon as possible) I will keep at least two or three dogs and many cats, and a big acquarium with colorful fishes. In my apartment in Padua we are not allowed to keep pets, even of small is a real pity!!! But that’s not a problem, actually in the garden of this apartment there are some cats and since i started to feed them they have come everyday to visit me and look for me (I must admitt that sometimes I let them come inside the house, despite the rules!!!!). I have also bought a small acquarium with some little red fishes!!!! But as I have already said before, dogs are my real passion!! I think that animals are really intelligent in general but dogs most of all!!! If you really love them they will for sure become your best friend!! Dogs communicate a lot with us and they can feel our emotion, for example when we are sad or happy....or we want to play! I love walking and playing with my dog, especially when I am in a bad mood or sad, walking in the country side with him is a real medicine!! I agree with you Lara when you said that animals reflect our personality!!
.......see you soon and have a nice week!!


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