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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Maria Chiara's first journey in the blogosphere...

Hello everybody!
I wandered for a while in the blogosphere looking for some interesting and unusual blogs dealing with the movie "Dead Poets Society" (Annalisa will be happy with my choice!) in order to see what people think about it and how they discuss its contents. My search was quite successful as I found two blogs which immediately grasped my attention:
  • "Roots" is the title of the first blog, created by a guy whose name is Daniel. You need only to have a look at it to understand the meaning of the title. Daniel tells us a brief story about his grandfather, who was a miner. What is extremely interesting is the fact that the guy doesn't tell this story only by means of words but also through a series of photos. Some of them are black and white photos, while the other ones are colour photos, thus expressing the passing of time. The first one portrays Daniel's grandfather among other miners. According to Daniel, "I'm inclined to draw an analogy to an early scene in Dead Poets Society where Williams takes the students to one of the archive cases in the hallway of the school and they look at an old school photo. Looking at a photo where, likely everyone in it is dead, is enough to give you pause..."
  • "Welcome!" is the title of the second blog, created by an English teacher in order to discuss the topics of the movie with her students. The structure of the blog gives the possibility not only to comment the contents of the movie, but also to see some pictures from it and watch it.
In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of these two blogs is the fact that they both exploits two different but complementary arts, that is writing and photography, in order to catch the user's attention. Far from being "boring", the blogs tempt you to comment on what you read and to take part in the discussion.

In the second one the teacher invites you to join the blog and share thoughts and ideas by means of direct questions and exhortations such as "What do you think when you see these pictures?" or "Feel free to post your comments and make contributions!". The blog is interspersed with exclamation marks, which lead you to think "Oh! This must be interesting!" and, consequently, to explore the blog.

As regards the layout, they both consist of small paragraphs and short sentences and the language used is quite simple. It seems that the two blogs were created according to the "minimax" strategy, that is, using the minimum number of words to achieve the maximum result. As a matter of fact, their communicative impact is quite strong.

Therefore, have a look! You will be satisfied with them!

Maria Chiara


At 10/30/2006 11:14 AM, Blogger Annalisa said...

Hi Mariachiara,
Since we have started this little discussion about Dead Poets Society, I must have a look to the blogs you've suggested to visit. Unfortunately I couldn't open your first link called I concentrated on the second blog, the one written by a teacher in order to make her students reflect upon some aspects of this movie. These aspects are not only related to the understanding of the content but also to the linguistic features..
Although it is quite short, I've found it very interesting and well made.
First it has an important educational purpose which involves a multimodal approach to English: to watch a MOVIE and discuss its main features in a BLOG. Furthermore, this teacher writes in a quite formal language and includes in her blog an initial Welcome message, which I've understood to be a good rule if you start developing your own blog.
Then I've visited the link "Try this exercise" and I've found it very useful. I've especially appreciated the sections called "English day Conversation", "American Idioms" and "Common English mistake"....



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