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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My favorite blogs

Hello everybody!

this world of blogs makes me confused! I have some difficulties in finding the two blogs I prefer because there are many things I'm now learning about the exploration of the blogosphere.

However, the first blog I suggest you to visit is obesity and employment law: it explains the way obese people are treated at work. There are some examples of fat people discriminated by employers in America. The fact is that twenty-seven percent of Americans are obese and even if that percentage is climbing, the law offers few protections against discrimination based on weight. Moreover, the tendency for employers is hiring good-looking people while a talented, but overweight, person is left out. I think this blog is interesting because it describes a problem that is not take into the right consideration. The examples give the details and the names of the companies which refused to hire fat people. I have to say I was not surprised to read the name of Mc. Donald's: in my opinion the only law such a company follows is that of money.
The second blog is Oh brave new world. In this blog there are some photos of animals such as wolves, dogs and tigers. I think it is strange that people post this kind of images and say this kind of things about their animal friends. I'm pleased to see the love someone has for animals. In my opinion this is really a particular and original blog.
As regards style, I have to say that blogs are written in a simple and concise way. The language used is informal and the hypertext is divided into paragraphs to help the reader to follow the discourse. At the beginning of the blog, the title catches the reader's attention, then each paragraph contains a particular subject or thought. The use of images and coulors is very important to give the distinction of each argument and capture your eyes! Moreover, many words contain links to other websites or blogs so just by clicking on them you can explore again a new world. I think blogging is an infinitive activity!
That's all for the moment. See you.


At 10/31/2006 1:28 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

Dear Lara,
I searched the two blogs two week, I'm not complitely sure but I think I put "origin of pizza" in order to find the first blog and "world trade center" for the second one.
Thank you for your interesting comment!


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