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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Something about me...

Hello everybody! My name is Maria Chiara. In order to represent myself, I chose the image of a horse with a sunny meadow in the background and it was not by chance if I did not choose an ordinary photo with a horse but rather one with a horse surrounded by a sunny meadow. You should know that, since I was a child, horses have always been my great passion. Whenever I went to the mountains with my parents my first concern was to find a riding school where I could have a few lessons. Unfortunately, one day – I was eight years old – something went wrong. I was in Villa Condulmer, quite a renowned riding school in Mogliano Veneto and I was looking at a beautiful horse when the animal shied, perhaps bothered by the noise made by the children round there, and started to kick out: unluckily I was behind it and hit by one of his hooves. No doubt it was not a great experience! But what counts is that this terrible accident did not have as many irreparable consequences as it may seem. Obviously, my parents did not let me ride a horse for years and years, while – almost paradoxically – I looked forward to riding again. At last, a few years ago, I was allowed to do what I wanted and it was wonderful. Hence, the symbolic meaning of the sunny meadow: though I had had that terrible accident, my passion never darkened and I still consider horses as my “best friends”.
What I’ve just told well symbolizes a basic side of my temper: I always fight for what I love. Basically, I am a very outgoing person, I like meeting and talking to people, especially to foreign people. That’s way two years ago I went to Bristol on Erasmus. It was a unique experience. Every day I met new people, coming from different countries: Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Portugal, Germany, just to cite some of them. I learned more about their cultures and life styles and I also improved – or at least, I hope! – my English. At the beginning, it was quite hard to understand the language, especially because the local people spoke in their own dialect, but once I became familiar with such a dialect, everything was easier. Well, if you want to know something more about my “six months-stay”, just ask me! I also give you the link to the website of the Bristol University, if you want to learn something about it.
Moreover, I give you the link to the website of the Spanish writer Espido Freire, since I am translating one of her novels for my thesis. It is very nice. Have a look! M. Chiara


At 10/23/2006 11:45 AM, Blogger Annalisa said...

Hi Maria Chiara!
I'm glad you have decided to answer me and moreover that you love the movie Dead Poet's society too!
You are perfectly right: the italian translation of it is L'attimo know I was attending highschool when I watched for the first time this wonderful movie with all my classroom! It immediately struck me! I think it goes straight to the heart..
I agree with you:Robin Williams is one of my favourite male actor and his performance in this movie is superlative! His versatility and his ability to change register- from a comic to a dramatic one- is remarkable! I wonder why he hasn't never won an oscar!
It's incredible but Dead Poet's Society moves me deeply every time i watch it and every time my eyes become bright!
I agree with you, I love both the two characters you have mentioned but also a third one. Do you remember Todd, the guy who at the beginning of the movie is extremely shy and afraid of everything while at the end is the first to stand up in order to express his gratitude to the teacher?
I think he, with the simple words "O captain, my captain!" quoted from a poetry, has finally learnt the deep meaning of professor Keating's unconventional lessons and-as you have rightly pointed out- turned culture into life!

At 10/23/2006 12:18 PM, Blogger Alice said...

Hi Chiara!
I've chosen to comment your blog because I went on Erasmus too and I think it's a wonderful experience but you can't imagine how much fantastic it is if you don't try it! I spent my Erasmus year in Valladolid (Spain) a town near Madrid and it's unnecessary to say how much I enjoy living in Spain. Like you I like talking to foreign people and this is why I've chosen to study languages.
You are very constant and corageous...I think that if a horse had kicked me I would never draw up to a horse again!
See you on tuesday

At 10/23/2006 2:04 PM, Blogger francesca said...

hi chiara!!!
Like you I have been on Erasmus...and it has been a unique experience!! I went to Malta: an unusual place!! When I tell someone that I have been on Erasmus to Malta the first question I get is : “To Malta why to Malta????? It is really funny because it is also the same question that I made to myself when I got the news). Let me explain you. When I decided to go on erasmus I wanted to go to Great Britain, exactly I applied to Glasgow(Strathclyde university) but the commission didn't accept my application. When I got this news I was quite shocked ( I had very high marks and I was quite sure that they would accept my application!…. anyway instead of Scotland they send me to can imagine my reaction. I was not excited at all...First I didn' t want to go there, I don't know why but I think that when you convinced yourself of something and then you don't obtain it you become a little sad!! But then I decided to go because I like making new experiences, travelling and speaking with foreign people (this is also the reason why I study foreign languages)...and it has been really exciting! Obviously GB would have been the best place to improve my English but also in Malta I could practise my English a lot…I met people from Europe but also from Japan, Australia and United States…When I finish university for sure I will go to Scotland…or to Ireland …and try to make some job experiences there!!
Sorry I was forgetting that I have another thing in common with you: I like horse riding …
Take care….see you soon!!!!!!!


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