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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

e-tivity 3: summary

Your reflections were very interesting and stimulating for me and you’ve done a great job at creating your own blogs.

You all seem very positive and enthusiastic, and motivation is the number one key factor in learning, so you’re at a good point! You used words like “dynamic” and “stimulating” to describe your journeys through the blogosphere in English so far.

You have found out that a large part of using blogs is reading and the English you are reading is quite often very informal and colloquial. Though some of you are cautious since not everything you find is in correct English, you all seem to appreciate that you can improve your informal writing (and speaking) skills (e.g. increased vocabulary, idiomatic expressions) through reading other blogs. It seems to be quite a change from the more traditional, grammar-based and translation-based English courses you are used to.

Many of you also mention the fact that the simple act of having to write a lot, nearly everyday, to complete your e-tivities is in and of itself helpful in improving your English. Part of blogging is also trying to make your written words catch the attention of your readers so you have to be creative and articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely in informal English.

Some of you spoke of having become a part of this global community which is the blogosphere and that you are happy to participate in it.

Finally, though not always easy, many of you appreciate having to work on the computer as it helps you develop your computer skills while working on your English.

I’m glad to know you’re enjoying the experience and I hope you continue to enjoy our journey just as much in the future. If you keep up this level of enthusiasm you are certain to learn a lot!

You’ve all done an exceptional job!



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