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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

e-tivity 4: feedback

Well, it’s taken me awhile, but I’ve gone through all your bookmarks and commentaries. Just think, I found several sites that would be useful for my teaching. I’ve always said we have a lot to learn from our students!

You all seem to have enjoyed exploring the world of social bookmarking (in the end at least), understand how it works, and see how it might benefit you in your lifelong process of learning English. Many of you have identified some of the drawbacks, e.g. the need to be critical, but being aware of the drawbacks helps you use the system better.

This week I’ve sent individual feedback to each of your personal blogs - go read your comments there.

I’ve copied a few comments from your blog posts which I think summarize the experience:

there is a some sort of selection. (Sve)

one may find also links that are worth reading about the argument they are looking for: this is also the reason why one usually finds interesting links of good quality. (Marco)

The real problem was to understand if they were valid or not! (Giorgia)

I think that this activity is particularly helpful for us because it "obliges" us to reflect upon what we read online, in order to "perceive" its usefulness (or uselessness): each of us is, in a certain sense, responsible for the success of the whole process, as every single contributor classifies a set of web sources deemed to be of common interest. Therefore, what is initially a personal choice, it becomes inevitably part of a wider project. (Maria Chiara)

Since is a sort of community it is more probable that what you find there is more interesting and relevant to what you are loooking for because other people examined that website before you. (Alice)

this is a type of collaboration among people whose primary concern is to share useful information by using a simple method. (Francesca)

moreover social bookmarking is a way to find people with your same interests, to discover new interesting sites, to publish your own bookmarks...(Annalisa)

I think that this activity is extremely helpful and useful: an effective resource, especially because you can create a real repository of websites which can help you in your English learning. It can also be a quick and easy alternative to search engines like Google … (Annalisa)

Job well done, all of you!



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