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Friday, December 15, 2006

Alice's feedback on e-tivity 9

Hi everybody!!!

I agree with what Barbara said in her post: I'm proud of us! Contriubuting to Edutech wiki has been a hard work to do but very satisfactory at the end.

Sarah wants us to say something about our colleagues' work so here I am.
Assuming that all the jobs are really well done (especially if we consider that this was our first contribution to a wiki) and I am not able to criticize other people's works, in my own small way I can only give some pieces of advice.

1) Francesca, Lucrezia and Annalisa worked on podcasts. First of all, I agree to what Svjetlana says in her post, that is that there is a kind of separation from their article and the rest of the page. Secondly, there are some repetions: some parts of the article could be integrated to some sections that already existed without the necessity of creating another one. Other advise is to put some words in bold and create some paragraphs. It makes the reading more easier.

2) Giorgia and Barbara's contribution is about blogs, the corrections they made are very good and now the article is easier to read than before. I can only give two pieces of advice to them: one is to put in bold more key words in order to catch the reader's attention in a better way and the other to use a more impersonal style even though we know that you can also write in first person.

3) Svjetlana contributed to language learning. The article is well structured so I can only say the same thing I've already said about Giorgia and Barbara's work: to put the key words of her text in bold type, for the same reason, that is to catch the reader's attention.

That's all...and the only thing I can add is VERY GOOD JOB!! ^__^




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