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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Annalisa's feedback on E-tivity 9

Hello everybody!

Last week we contributed to Edutechwiki.
Although our work was quite good, we all made some mistakes,especially concening the general structure of a wiki.
Here there are my impressions about my classmates'wikis!

Marco, Mariachiara and Alice (E-tivity):
I think that in their contribution there were some repetitions of concepts.
Moreover, they had to make a clearer division between the theoretical part of the analysis and the numerous examples.

Giorgia and Barbara (Blog) :
I saw their corrections and I think that the layout of the article is definitely better now.
At the beginning I found their work too long and "homogeneous" and therefore, it was not so easy to capture the reader's interest.
Now it is more concise and clearer thanks to the use of paragraphs.
Perhaps, as we said in class, their contribution should be written using a more impersonal style(avoid the use of direct "we").

Svjetlana (Language Learning):
I think that her work was more difficult because she edited her contribution without any help.
In my opinion, in her text there is a clear division between the diversified sections of the analysis.
In particular I noticed and appreciated the original division of links into different categories.

Generally speaking , our common mistakes concerned:
-unuseful repetitions of concepts
-references and links (we have to written them in a standard way)
-division into paragraphs
-internal links
-excessive use of quotations
-different importance of some concepts; it implies we have to write some significant words in bold.

That's all for the moment.
See you next Tuesday.


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