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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Barbara's feedback

Hello everybody!

First of all I want to tell you that I'm very proud of us! I read our contributions to edutech wiki and I think they are very very good!
At the beginning we made some mistakes, for example we didn't cite our sources correctly or we made too long quotations instead of summarising or paraphrasing the text. However, at the end thanks to Sarah's suggestions, we gave excellent contributions to this wiki.

As far as Marco, Maria Chiara and Alice's contribution is concerned, I think that their text is very interesting. Furthermore, it is clear and well organised; there are simple and brief paragraphs which explain the different parts of an e-tivity. In my opinion they had an original idea, that is, they put our course blog as an example of e-tivity.

As regards Svjetlana's contribution, I think it is very interesting as well. I would just give her a little advice; in my opinion she could write the key words of her text in bold type, in order to catch the reader's attention and facilitate his reading.

Finally, concerning Francesca, Annalisa, and Lucrezia's work, I would give them the same advice, that is, to write the main words in bold type. Furthermore, I think they shoud divide the text into more paragraphs.

As one can understand, my feedback about our contributions is very positive. I just wanted to give some pieces of advice to my classmates so that they can improve their activities on edutech wiki.

Well, that's all!
See you soon


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