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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

e-tivity 9: summary

Compliments to everyone! Not only did you manage to work on your wikis, but you did a very good job at looking at each other's contributions and giving useful feedback (Annalisa, Francesca and Lucrezia even managed to make changes based on your feedback). I think you all did a very good job at pointing out the good aspects and those that still needed to be worked on. It was also good to see that those of you who wrote feedback after others had already written READ what the others had written first. This means you're becoming REAL bloggers!

Below there are direct links to your pages and a summary of the feedback given by your peers (it was often the same).

Barbara and Giorgia (Educational Blogging)

- you could still stress the distinction between the two parts
- you could use more bold to highlight key words
- should personal opinions be separated from fact? should we use I and we?
(to be discussed in class)

Svjetlana (Language Learning)

- you could use more bold to highlight key words
- is the introduction to the second paragraph useful?
- you could put the retrieval date of the link to our course

Marco, Maria Chiara, Alice (E-tivity)

- is the example a pure repetition of the theoretical part?
- what about the sections Links, References, See?

Francesca, Lucrezia, Annalisa (Podcasting)

(feedack before corrections made on Friday)
- you should integrate new contents with existing contents
- greater division into paragraphs
- you could use more bold to highlight key words

Then Annalisa gave a nice summary of your common mistakes, which could be interpreted as the following advice:

- avoid repetition of contents
- standardize how references and links are made
- use many short paragraphs rather than a few long ones
- internal links
- don’t use too many quotations
- use bold to highlight key words

All this said, I must say I agree with all of you that you have done an excellent job. It wasn’t easy, but as Maria Chiara says hopefully it’s definitely been a learning experience! I hope you can say the same for the course as a whole. I know that I have certainly learned a lot from all of you.

It’s been a pleasure teaching you, working with you and learning from you.

Job well done.



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