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Monday, December 18, 2006

Francesca's feedback on e-tivity9


Exploring my classmates’ contributions on Edutech I noticed that their corrections are all really good!

As regards the article about e-tivity delivered by Alice, Maria Chiara and Marco, they corrected the lay-out and made a clearer distinction between the descriptive part and the example with the result that now their article looks better organized and more effective. I also agree with Svietlana’s comment about the fact that they should try to put a link-paragraph (before references) which includes direct links. They did a very good work!!

As far as the article ( Blog) of Giorgia and Barbara is concerned I think that after their corrections, their article is better organized. According to what we noticed in class with Sarah their article was too long and for this reasons it was necessary to divide it into shorter paragraphs. Now it looks more effective and immediately captures readers’ interest. Moreover, the quotation was quite long and ‘heavy’, now it looks absolutely better, it is shorter and separated from the rest of the text. Very good corrections!

Finally I would like to comment on Svjetlana’s article about Language Learning, she did an excellent work, despite her task was even more difficult because she worked alone. Her article is very well structured and interesting. I appreciated a lot the divisions between the various sections and above all the distinctions of links into categories. Her article immediately captures readers’ interests. Excellent work!

In conclusion I think that with our corrections we all contribute to improve our articles. Moreover, I noticed that our ‘mistakes’ were more related to the form and lay-out than the content. We all wrote interesting articles; we need to improve a little the form and become more familiar with wiki’s writing features. In my opinion this was a quite difficult but very stimulating task!

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