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Friday, December 15, 2006

Lucrezia's feedback on e-ctivity n.9

Hi bunch of wiki creators,
Annalisa, Francesca and me worked this morning on our page so maybe you didn't notice our corrections. We tried to integrate other people's sections with our ideas in order to avoid repetitions and to make our page simpler. Please have a look and let me know what you think about it now. I also surfed in all your pages and I have to admit that all of you did an excellent job! Well done ladies and gentleman!

As far as Maria Chiara, Alice and Marco's page is concerned, I really appreciate the idea and the structure of their text. Putting the example and its explanation makes the text less boring and I really like this practical part instead of always reading about theorists! Then one has also the possibility to see what its by click on the link, so anyone can better understand what e-ctivity is.I don't tell you to add the links, because this morning we tried many times so it is better to ask Sarah before. By the way you made your page better! Well done E-ctivity group!

Giorgia and Barbara did a good job too. Reading the blog page I found that the corrections you made are the one you needed, now everything is clearer and simpler, and I was suprised you managed to do it in such a short time, maybe they only need to add some bold words to grap the reader's attention.

Reading Language learning I was suprised again because Svjetlana did everything all by herself and again her corrections are well done and you don't need to change a lot on your pages

Summing up I 'm satisfied of our improvements and I hope Mr. Schneider will enjoy our changes.. It was quite a difficult task but in the end we all managed!So now we need only to enjoy the weekend!!


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