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Friday, December 15, 2006

Maria Chiara's feedback on our wiki contributions

Hi everybody!

I tried to clean up my wiki contribution "E-tivity", together with my collaborators Alice and Marco, following Sarah’s hints (which had been “triggered” by Daniel Schneider’s message!). I hope that we made a slight improvement. After all, as it always happens with new experiences, it is necessary for all of us to identify problems and work on them, if we really want to learn something.

In order to provide feedback on my colleagues’ contributions, I am going to give some impressions on them.

As regards the contribution given by Barbara and Giorgia about blogging, I think that they bore Sarah’s suggestions in mind for now the text, besides being divided into paragraphs - thus facilitating the reading – it is more concise and clear thanks to the use of lists. That way, the whole page really grasps the reader’s attention. So, excellent job!

As far as Svjetlana’s contribution to "Language Learning" is concerned, I think that the text is well structured, as there is a clear division between the various sections it is made up of.
Just one piece of advice: in my opinion, she should increase the number of words typed in bold, such as “interactive way” and “collaborative environment”, in order to cast light on the most significant features of computer-mediated communication. I also appreciated the division of links into categories (“general”, “online-environments & examples”, etc.).

As regards the contribution given by Francesca, Lucrezia and Annalisa about podcasting, I think that the content is really good, but they should “merge” the paragraph “Educational Usage in Language Lerning” with the one that comes before, i.e. “Podcasting in education”, and then divide this new “comprehensive” paragraph into sub-paragraphs, summarizing the information.

Briefly speaking, though there are a lot of improvements to be made in order for our wiki contributions to be professional, I think that the pieces of information we added to the wiki are quite interesting, at least they are the fruit of our learning process. The fact that we can apply what we have learned so far in the course is, in my opinion, the most positive aspect of this experience. Furthermore, if we work together, we will cope with becoming familiar with this kind of activity. I hope you all agree with me!

Have a nice week-end!

See you next Tuesday,

Maria Chiara


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