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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Person of the Year

Hello everyone,

Every year TIME magazine (USA) chooses a "person of the year", i.e. somebody that represents the year that's ending. It's usually a politician (Bush) or a peace maker (Mandela) or someone else famous for this reason or that. Well, this year there's a suprise. The person of the year is YOU.

"You" not in the generic, impersonal form, but all of you bloggers from bloggingenglish. "You" refers to all of those people who spend time and energy online creating content, be it YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, blogs or wikis on what is called Web 2.0. It's YOU. All of you have contributed to making the Web a richer place to find information. Be proud.

Go to the article and read it, and you'll see that you are really a part of this revolution!

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