Blogging English 2

Monday, October 09, 2006

How to start blogging

How to blog – First steps

To post a message in our course blog you must first have an account in blogger. Follow these simple steps.

1 - Go to and create an account for a blog in blogger. Don’t worry about the details of your blog or creating a blog, what we’re interested in now is that you have an account, i.e. username and password, in blogger. Important: use the same e-mail address you gave Sarah when you signed up for the course.

2 – You will receive an invitation via e-mail from me to contribute to the course blog “Blogging English 1 / 2”.

3 – When you log on to blogger you should see a frame like this. Click on the course you have been invited to participate in or click on “crea post”.

4 – Then you will be in a window where you can create a new post. Write your e-tivity message there.

5 – Post the message and then go view it.

6 - Click on the comment message below the message you wish to respond to. Write your comment and post it.


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