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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Do you want to visit Alice's blog?

Hi everybody!!

Come and visit my blog...

I wait for you all ... at least I hope ^_^



At 11/02/2006 7:11 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

Dear Alice, I wrote a comment in your personal blog...NoW I have a doubt...maybe I should write to you in this page and not on your blog...Boh! Please, check on your blog to see my comment!

At 11/03/2006 10:58 AM, Blogger marco said...

hi Alice (in wonderland),
I have just finished to read all the blogs present in this Internet page and I personally think that your blog is very interesting and well organized. i like the photo you put at the bottom of the page and the idea you had to divide this first page of your blog in two parts. Since I have never written any blog in my life, I have to learn how to do it and the ideas you developed creating your blog can help me a little.
very good work!
Marco (il cappellaio matto)

At 11/03/2006 11:02 AM, Blogger Sve said...

Hi Alice,
I find your blog interesting. The black colour creates a very particular effect. It gives me the impression that you have a strong personality. Also the association with Alice of Wonderland is funny.

I agree with many things you've wrote in your post about our first weeks of blogging. I find that this new English course is very stimulating and I think that it will helps us a lot in improving our written and colloquial English.

Bye, bye.

At 11/06/2006 12:22 PM, Blogger francesca said...

Hi Alice,
my compliments! I really like your personal blog: colours, pictures, layout! First of all the title has captured my curiosity and interest; it is original and funny. Moreover your blog is really interactive (profile and links). I must admit that I am not so good with computer, but I think that this course is really interesting and useful not only because we improve our English but also because we have the possibility of improving our abilities with computer and internet.
I agree with you when you wrote that the blogosphere is attractive, you can explore a virtual world and find many interesting things and then share your ideas and exchange opinions in English.
Another good point is when you wrote “you can learn a lot of expressions that teachers usually don’t teach you”; I think that you are right. Reading and visiting many blogs, written by many different people perhaps native English or American English speaking, for sure will enrich your vocabulary with many new words or expressions which are really closed to a real or everyday spoken English.

Take care
See you soon


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