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Monday, November 20, 2006

How to Odeo

If you don't already have an account, go to odeo and sign up for an account (top right hand corner of the window).

Once you have an account, go to odeo studio to record.

Once you’ve clicked there, you should see a window like this:

and click on “Record New Audio”.

This takes you to the recording studio. It will ask you a question and you respond "consenti".

Record your audio and save it.

When you're happy with your recording, push on the save button. At that point you'll go to a page where you can give a title to your audio, etc. What interests us is what's at the bottom of the page. You should see something like:

Copy the contents in the “Put this Audio on your Web site”, go to Blogger, create a post and rather than writing the post click on the html button and paste the html code you copied from odeo.

Publish the post, like always! You should see something like this (click on the play button, it works! You can hear my beautiful tongue twister!):

powered by ODEO

Confused? Sound like to much? Don’t worry, you can do it. If you have troubles, just write a comment to this post.


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