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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

e-tivity 7: feedback

Well, from your blogs it’s clear that most of you have a clear, or clearer than before, idea of what wikis are. You all mentioned the basic principles that lie behind writing on a wiki, i.e. collaborative editing, respect for others, achieving a common goal, etc. You also noticed the basic structure of most wikis with the various sections and hyperlinks. You all found that the language is formal yet simple due to the fact that the intended audience is global, but recognize the fact that not all wikis are like Wikipedia and that the language may depend on the context and author, especially in the case of private wikis.

I really appreciated those of you who found and cited wikis other than wikipedia – good job searching! That was very helpful for me too. Those of you who found other wikis noticed that the language and rules used are not always the same as those used in Wikipedia.

I’ve corrected your posts and as with the previous e-tivity you can download them by clicking here. Please write back to me with any questions or doubts, though your writing really has improved.

I’ll be curious to see how your ideas of what a wiki is change as we actually start using a wiki in e-tivity 8!

Keep up the good work.



At 12/06/2006 8:59 AM, Blogger Maria Chiara said...

Hi Sarah!
I've just corrected my post about wikis. I don't understand why you underlined the sentence "most wikis, such as Wikipedia, are open to the general public". Is it a problem with the syntactic structure or with the content? I wanted to say that most wikis are open to anyone,they are addressed to a large audience, whereas others belong to private communities and have a more "selected" audience.Can you help me?
Thank you!
Maria Chiara

At 12/06/2006 9:19 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Dear Maria Chiara,

Content's fine; it's a syntactic problem. Read the whole sentence. You've got two verbs, "aimed at" and "are open to". Which do you want? Sounds like you want the second, but then why the first? Take a look and let me know.


At 12/06/2006 6:33 PM, Blogger Maria Chiara said...

Hi Sarah"
My doubt lies in the fact that when I constucted the whole sentence, I wrote "As regards the audience these special websites are aimed at" as one sentence (="these special websites are aimed at..."), and then "most wikis are open to the general public". I may have written just "As regards the audience, most wikis are open to the general public". I mean, "these special websites are aimed at" is a sort of postmodification of "as regards the audience". I don't know how to explain it! Anyway, if I write "As regards the audience, most wikis...", is it ok?
Thank you,
Maria Chiara

At 12/06/2006 9:38 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Dear Maria Chiara,
I'm still not quite sure I understand. If you say "aimed at" you must immediately state "what"; it doesn't work as postmodification. Your new sentence is just fine and much clearer!



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