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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Feedback on E-tivity 9

Hi Everybody!
Last week we chose a subject, we developped it and we edited in Edutech Wiki. After analysing our contributions all together in class, we have to find our mistakes and correct them.

I have just corrected my work (there's a link in the comment in e-tivity 9) and now I have explored my peers' contributions. I noticed that some of them have already modified their pages.

In general, all our mistakes deal with the form rather than with the content. For example, Alice, Marco and Mariachiara contributed in "E-tivity" and they did, in my opinion, a good and interesting job; however, as we discussed in class, they had to make a clear division between the descriptive part and the example. I have just visited their page and I saw that their work is modified and I think that it is very very good!

Some of our mistakes, however, are also about the content. Annalisa, Francesca and Lucrezia contributed in "Podcasting"; in my opinion they wrote interesting things but some of what they said was a repetition of a previous paragraph, already existing. This is the real problem of editing in Edutech Wiki: you have to write something new and interesting, a subject which has never been developped. The task for them consists in trying to link their analysis to the previous one, eliminating what has already been described.

Reading Svjetlana's work I realised that she did a very good job in "language learning"; I think she could improve it in the form, for example writing in bold the most important ideas of each paragraph, in order to catch the attention of the reader.

Summing up, I think that we all did interesting contributions. Our biggest problem concern references, quotations and paragraphing. I hope that this week will be useful for our corrections!!
Have a nice week!


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