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Friday, December 15, 2006

Marco's opinion about E-tivity nine

Hello everybody!

Last week we tried to contribute on Edutech wiki: it was not an easy task! At the end in my opinion we did quite a good work!

Since I am only one of your university colleagues, I don't feel like criticize other people's work in any way! So, everything I am trying to do is only giving some advices:

Francesca, Lucrezia and Annalisa contributed to the page about podcast:
in my opinion they did a very good work! The only think I want to comment is that I don't understand if some part of the article are useful or not: I mean that there are some sections that are very similar to others and don't add some new information. As we said in class, the best solution would be to elide some parts and try to integrate them with others speaking about the same things.

Svjetlana contributed to the page about language learning:
The text in the page is very well written. Besides, svjetlana did a very good work also if she had not the help of any colleague! She also put a lot of good links.
On the other hand, I think that some parts are unuseful, like the first introductive paragraph of the second section. In second place, I would add to the article only a detail: I would have put the retrieval date next to the link with our course, because the we do not know if and when our blog will be erased or modified.

Giorgia and Barbara contributed to the page about blogs:
the page is very well written and organised. I also like the way in which the quotation is underlined in the middle of the page thanks to a separated space like a window.
I only think that this page would better have been written using an impersonal style, because there are some personal pronouns that are not used in other pages of Edutech wiki. Probably, the better solution could have been to add a different part dealing with personal opinions.

Finally, in my opinion we all did an excellent job!
This is all!


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