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Monday, October 23, 2006

e-tivity 1: summary

Nice introductions everyone! Unfortunately, not all of your pictures showed up (we’ll work on that in class) but you all gave descriptions of them so we can imagine them. It looks like, besides all being language students, you’ve got some things in common. First of all, nobody seems to love using a computer but I hope that during this course you’ll discover even more the potential for learning and exploring that the Web can offer J You all seem to like, reading, watching movies, going out with your friends, but rather than summarize your posts, let’s play a little game. I’ll write a little description of each of you and without going back to read the messages see if you can figure out who the description is about. To avoid the ‘he/she’ problem, I’ll use the pronoun ‘I’!

Svjetlana, Giorgia, Barbara, Marco, MariaChiara, Lara, Francesca, Annalisa, Alice

I love nature, huge spaces and animals.

I’m instinctive like animals and I love dogs, though I don’t have one.

I love animals, but shopping too!

I love a sport because it represents real collaboration.

I’m determined and outgoing and I love meeting foreign people.

I’m worried about what kind of job I’ll find after graduation.

I love the sea and music.

I love motorcycles, sports, football and going to the gym. (This is the easy one;-)

I love the sea because it is relaxing.



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