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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here we are in this new English course and this year we meet......on line!
My name is Giorgia and I'm 22 but in 15 days I will be 23..I was born on 31 October (someone will say "Halloween day") and for this reason I have chosen an image of this famous day; if you think that this image represents are wrong! I will explain the true reason why I put this photo in my first post. When I was young Halloween was not considered as a party (I think it was not taken into consideration at all) and so my birthday was simply on 31 October; during these last years Halloween has become a famous party in Italy too, and for this reason when someone asks me when I was born and I answer "31 October" everybody tells me: "Ah on Halloween day"!!..and I hate this answer!!The reason is that I think that this is an American party because there it has its own tradition but here, in Italy, it has not any meaning and it is only a way to have a party! In this fact, however, there's a positive aspect....everybody remembers my birthday!!
Well, I think that I can continue in my introduction; I live in Mestre, which is ten minutes far from Venice, and I have been living there with my parents and my sister since I was born.
I have been studying in Padua for 5 years as I attended the course in "Mediazione linguistica e culturale". I study English and French and for one year I studied Spanish as third language. This is my fifth year at university and I have to say that I am a little bit afraid of what I will do next year after finishing my thesis!..That will be a real problem: how can I find MY job!!?? During these years I have always done some temporary jobs to have some money for myself (I have often found these jobs in an interesting web site,, where you can write what you are looking for and the place where you live and it gives you all the results for your request). I keep on doing these jobs for this last year of university but then I will have to find a more important job..and that will be difficult..but for the moment it's better to think of this year and all the exams I will have to pass!!
As far as Internet is concerned I have to say that I'm not a real "a technological person"..and in the past I was a real disaster!! During these years at university, thanks to (or because of) all the exams and courses where the use of Internet was required, I have learnt quite enough to "surf the net" and at present I have not any problems..or better, I hope! I think that one of the best web sites of the net is Google because it often helps you to find what you are searching: you want to know all the timetables of the cinemas of your town? on Google; you want to book a place in a hotel for your holiday?..go to Google! Please, don't think I'm always surfing the net in my life..I assure you it's completely the contrary (In fact, if I have to look for the timetable of a cinema I prefer reading the little books that I can often find in the shops of my town!!); However, telling the truth I have to admitt that Google often helps people and in real time!
Well, I think that's all for now; In my introduction I have tried to make you understand a little my personality and if, according you, I have not been clear enough, I'm sure I will have other chances to manage in this undertaking!!
See you soon and have a nice week!!


At 10/21/2006 5:39 PM, Blogger marco said...

Hi Giorgia! I have chosen to reply to your message because you (like me)don't know what will you do after the end of your career at university! Believe me: I don't know how to translate it in English and I don't know if I can say it in Italian but: never mind, "qualche santo sarĂ !!". The second reason why I like to answer to your message is that you put the image of a perfectly orange pumpkin that made me feel (I don't know why) a sense of joy: probably my childish is having the best on me!
Moreover, like you I can't afford to use the computer more than ten minutes a day because it always has a new terrible problem, like virus, undesired commercial messages, sudden crashes (I think this is the right way to say it) and so on. I also read that you often use google as well: luckyly someone has invented it for people like me and you!!!
Good luck, Marco

At 10/23/2006 11:59 AM, Blogger Sve said...

Hi Giorgia!
It was a pleasure to read your post.
I have to admit that the reason why I've started to read it is because of the photo. It makes me become very curious. I've immediately asked myself: "How can this immage represent a girl?". And now I know it... Well, I agree with you that Halloween has no sense in Italy. They only use it to organize parties in discos.
Just like you, I am really afraid about the future. I always ask myself if I will be able to find a proper job...Who knows?!? It is true that nowaday situation is very uncertain, but I think that we have to think positive.
This is all for now.

At 10/23/2006 12:27 PM, Blogger Annalisa said...

Hi Giorgia!
The picture of this orange pumpkin has aroused my curiosity so I've read your introduction and I've chosen to reply to it because you birthday is one day before Halloween: I will be 25 on 30 October! That's why people says: "The day before're almost a little witch!"
At the beginning I didn't like this exclamation and- like you- I thought Halloween was only an American tradition and a nonsense here in Italy, or better..simply a way to make some money!
Over recent years, however, I have to say that this celebration has won my favour and that I've been infected by it!
I believe the change of my opinion is related to the fact that some years ago I discovered that in a little town near Bassano, called Borso del Grappa, Halloween has really "found its home"! I explain it better: every year the inhabitants of this town prepare the garden of their houses with beautiful Halloween decorations..there is all the necessary: skeletons, rats, scary masks, witches, spider's webs, thousands of small lights everywhere and obviously many many pumpkins! Everyone can visit these gardens or better everyone- from 6PM to midnight- receives a map of the town so that he can follow a real way through this evocative atmosphere! The whole event is called " Halloween walks" because you can visit only by walking! It is real funny..moreover, during the way,people offer you sweet things,warm tea or wine...
Last year there were also many foreign people-especially from German- !
Anyway,going on reading your introduction I discover also that you are a little afraid of your future after university! Don't worry: I'm afraid too and so I think most of us! I think we must patiently wait and live day by day..and be hopeful!
bye, Annalisa

At 10/23/2006 12:38 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Dear Giorgia,
I hate the fact that Halloween is celebrated here too because it's a major commercial holiday in America and there are nicer things that could be exported! I did, however, yesterday carve a pumpkin with my boys, put a candle in it and put it outside. It's nice to see on these gray, autumn days. But since it really bothers me that Italian kids come trick-or-treating I always go away on Halloween!



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