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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nice to meet you!!!

HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! My name is Francesca, I am really glad to meet you in this forum!!
I am going to tell you something interesting about me and my habits!!I am 24 years old and I am from Tregnago: a
little village near Romeo and Juliet's town Verona! This is my second year of Specialistica in Foreign Languages and Communication at the University of Padua (I took my degree in "Mediazione Linguistica" at the University of Verona). I choose this picture for different reasons. First because I really love the ocean, starfishes and colourful fishes in general, then because of the impression that it suggested me when I was looking for a picture which could represent some aspects of my character and temper, actually this picture suggests me the idea of infinity, freedom but also the idea of a quite and calm environment. Huge spaces without limits or barriers have always amazed me, this explains the fact that I am a very romantic person. I love nature and animals in general but sea life fascinates me really much!!!This picture also reminds me of my summer holiday with my family, actually we use to spend at least two weeks together in the South of Italy, precisely in Puglia, where I love snorckling with my brother and my father!!!Snorckling is a relly funny sport, you can explore what stays under sea water, and see a lot of fishes and sea creatures!
At the moment I live in Padua in an apartment with other 4 girls, they are studying at university too. This is not my first experience far from home, since I have been on Erasmus programme in Malta. It is a small and exciting island in the Mediterranean sea! It has been a wonderful experience, I met people from all over the world: from Europe but also from US and Japan. I am an outgoing, friendly and open-minded person and I like to be indipendent. For this reason I have always done temporary jobs during the weekend and in summer in order to earn some money (at the moment I work as a waitress in a restaurant near my village). I love living in Padua but I most admitt that sometimes in the caos of this big city I miss the quiet atmosphere of my village!! Tregnago is about 25 km far from Verona, it is a really nice place in the countryside. Even though it is a little village I really love it, it is a quiet place sourranded by hills and nature. In the weekend I go home in order to spend a little time with my family. I have one brother, he is younger than me and he loves bascketball (he plays bascketball since he was 9years old, now he is 17) and two sisters, they are older and married! When I go home in the weekend I love playing with my nieces and nephews, they are so nice and funny. I love children really much, they are spontaneous and funny! In my freetime I like going out with my boyfriend and friends. My favorite sports are swimming, aerobics, jogging, these sports suggest my personality: I am a very dynamic person. I was forgetting about my dog, I have an Hungarian shepherd, totally black and funny and I like walking and playing with him. Another thing that I like is listening to music, both to rock and soft music, my favorite groups are U2, Bon Jovi and REM, but I listen to classical music as well (especially when I study or I want to relax a little). Unfortunately I am not so good with technology and computer but I promise you that I'll do my best to improve my knowledges and keep on with this on line friendship!!!
SORRY......I was forgetting to tell you about my favorite web sites, they are and I visit very often these web sites because I like being updated with what is happening in the world, futhermore I think that they are very useful to practice my English and German. Another web site that I often visit is in order to check low costs flights and cheap offers. I love travelling, meeting new people and visiting new places.
That's all for the moment..........take care!!!!


At 10/23/2006 11:38 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

Hi Francesca!
I read your post and I think we are very similar for some reasons I'm going to explain to you.
First of all, the photos we choose have the same subject, that is, the sea. Like me, you choose it because you like colorful fishes,love snorkelling and it reminds you your summer holyday. Furthermore, we love the sea very much.
Like me, you consider yourself a very dynamic person and you like doing aerobics as well.
I like music very much and I often listen to Rem's and U2's songs. Unlike you, I don't like classical music at all.
Finally, we are similar because of our passion for travelling! Like me, you often visit a website in which you can find some cheap offers. I give you a piece of advice: visit the website
Well, now I say goodbye to you, see you soon on this forum!

At 10/23/2006 12:24 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

It's not a forum, it's a blog :-) (which is, of course, a type of forum)


At 10/23/2006 11:05 PM, Blogger llovisetto said...

Hi francesca,
I'm Lara, I found your comment and I'm happy to answer you.
I think we are very similar: we like animals, we love sport, children and nature, we do temporary jobs (I'm working for the Vicenza fair as an hostess)and we have the same passion for travelling. I love visiting new places, meeting different kind of people and knowing other ways of life. Unfortunately, I didn't make the Erasmus but I partecipated to the Leonardo programme when I was 19. I went to Crete for three months. Leonardo is a project financed by the European Union, it lasts 3 months and gives to the young people the oppotunity of studying and working in an European country. Have you ever heard about it? If yoy are interested in I'll give you some information.
That's all for the moment.
See you.


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