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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

something more about marco

Hi, I'm marco and I'm going to tell you something more about me, as far as it is possible in a short piece of writing like this.
I am 23 years old, I come from a small town near Padua whose name is Cadoneghe and at the moment I'm studying languages at the university of Padua where I attend my fifth year there (and I hope to finish it quite soon!). I like motorcycles and sports, above all I like to play football or do a bit of body building in a gym near my house, where I also work in order to earn something (as you have probably understood I don't like too much to do commuting) every afternoon as a trainer for all the clients who are training there: so please don't think about me as a PERSONAL trainer!!
I like also reading and the last novel I read was "the little prince": a fairy tale dedicated more to adults than to children, in my opinion.
At last but not at least I like very much to enjoy my spare time (like every person in the world, I think) and stay with my friends: this is the reason why I chose the photo I hope you can see (because I'n not very sure it will appear); it was taken the day I was going to the carnival in Venice, where I had a lot of fun!
About my story with the internet I can tell that I use it basically to solve problems about university. The only different links I can list without stressing my imagination too much are the following:

google because this is the passepartout to go almost everywhere and find everything I may need...
messenger because I like to chat sometimes, at least when my Pc link with the internet decides to work properly and to allow me to do it!


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