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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Marco comments two blogs

hello everybody,

I read two blogs written by someone who surely I will never meet in my life (using the computer may result so "cold" sometimes...) and in my opinion there are some things that are worth saying.

In a blog about halloween tales a girl (or at least I think the writer is a girl) asks about some advices about good Halloween tales to read. Although the blog is rather short, reading it I understood some more about how language is used in blogs and how blogs are written: in first place, the paragraph in this blog is written with a space between the body of the text and the final note, in order to make it easier to read; in second place, it is written using a very informal language, as it seems more the reporting of a spoken text than a true written text; in third place, the author uses short phrases and colloquial expressions like "licking my lips" and so on.

The second blog i read was about the first weeks in spain of a person called Allen: I read it just eight minutes before the writer had finished writing. He (Allen seems to me a name for a male) wrote about his mood, about what he was doing at the moment, about a friend of his using a direct and colloquial style and it seemed to me like as if he was talking to me rather than writing on a blog. He organized his text in a personal way with short paragraphs, short sentences and smiles (like this :-) ).

These are the two more interesting blogs in my opinion, but since I read many others, I can state that blogs can be organized in very different ways by different writers, that they can be more or less colloquial (and sometimes also a bit vulgar) and that you can find blogs about everything in the world. I enjoyed the possibility to put a comment under the blog I read, that could be great fun!!

This is all I have to say about blogs!!
Have a nice weekend!


At 10/28/2006 5:15 PM, Blogger Maria Chiara said...

Hi Marco! I'd like to comment on the blog "First weeks in Spain" that you found in the blogosphere. What immediately grasped my attention is the final exhortation "Feel free to write comments, ask questions, or interrogate me", as it is more or less the same kind of expression which closes "my" second blog. I deduce from this analogy that this type of invitation functions as a sort of "stereotyped phrase" used whenever the author of a blog aims at capturing the users' attention and inviting readers to take part in the discussion. The author of the blog you chose writes in quite a friendly manner and, as you noticed, he uses a couple of "symbols", such as "Lol" and :), which belong to that kind of "shared knowledge", of "coded language" widespread especially among young people when writing on the web. Hence, this blog well illustrates the particular kind of language which characterises "online texts".
Therefore, good choice!
Maria Chiara


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