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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Annalisa's trip on blogosphere

Hi guys!..
I've spent two hours searching for an interesting blog..they are so numerous!!
At the end I'd like to give you these two URL:
Why I love blogging

History and customs of Halloween

First I think you are interested in finding out something more related to the blogosphere, or better you would know more about the reason why so many people all over the world have chosen to create their own blog or to write a comment on other blogs.
The first two lines of this blog have struck me..they seem to be taken from a sonnet by Shakespeare and I've found extremely intelligent and interesting the association between the obsolete word "thee" and a so modern way of communication like the blog.
If you go on reading you'll find that the 10 reasons given by Laurie about her unconditional love for blogging are very interesting not only because of the content( I think point 5 and 6 are very peculiar and funny) but also because they are very significant in order to understand more about how blogs are written ...later I'll explain this last aspect better...
Moreover, if you click on the link given by the blogger called BLOG you'll find a very vey good list of what the main features of a blog are!!
And don't forget to have a look at Laurie's first reason for loving the's very personal and almost unbelievable!! I don't want to give any anticipations..once you've read ..tell me your opinion!!!

The second blog I've chosen to suggest you is about Halloween.Since last Tuesday we have discussed about the ancient origin of this controversial celebration and nobody-included me- knew nothing about it, I become curious to know a little more...I think this blog is very intersting also because it tries to give you an explanation of different aspects concerning Halloween..
Whether you like this celebration or not, I think it is right and also appealing to inquire about something that, nowadays has gained ground also in our country..
Moreover this is an example of how blogs can supply some kind of information and not only be a pure diversion...Anyway, don't you think stories like these are extremely attractive?
PS. Have you seen Tim Burton's movies Nightmare before Christmas or the recent The Corpse Bride? They're so funny!!

After this little trip on blogosphere I have understood something more about the way a blog is written.First everyone who writes has great freedom of speech and has an opportunity to arrange the layout of their blogs in a very personal way.
As regards the kind of language used, I think it is generally a very informal language, something near to spoken english, between reading and talking. In fact, there could be a lot of colloquialisms, slang words or idiomatic expressions.
Furthermore, I think that in some cases the blog language could be even vulgar. I found many examples of this coarseness through the blogs I've read: whore, shit and fuck are used without any restrictions.
Moreover I 've noticed that another reason of difficulty lies in the fact that in blogs there could be some inferences.Concerning links, people seem to choose to create them according to their different interests and also when these links could mean something interesting to people who are reading that particular blog and want to go into some topics thoroughly.

That's all for the moment


At 10/26/2006 1:45 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

My compliments Annalisa! The blogs you found are very, very interesting!
As far as the first one is concerned..well, I had never thought that blogging could be so important for some people! I thought it could be only a good way to spend your spare-time or to satisfy your curiosity about something you are interested in but...I was wrong! The girl who wrote the message gave ten good reasons why she is so interested in blogging. Obviously, I have also read the link " I met my husband"...I was too much curious about the story!!!
Your second blog is very interesting too! I didn't know the real origin of Halloween. I only knew that it was an American party dealing with dead people who come back on Earth on 31th October.
How many things one can discover just in one day!
See you soon!

At 10/27/2006 11:54 AM, Blogger marco said...

Reading your message made me so curios that... I (obviously) clicked on your links!

First I read the blog on Halloween and discovered a lot of interesting things aboout this celebration: surprisingly, it comes from the fifth century BC!! About the structure of this blog, I can say that the writer made an error in choosing to write in light green on a light blue background, but also that he divided the story in paragraphs and that put some funny images about Halloween.
He also put a link on his blog, a thing that I did not found reading the two blogs I found. The language of this blog is not so colloquial or close to the spoken type, it seems to me more like a research for school purposes!

The second (or, better, the first) one you chose was very cosy and well written, and it struck me for the fact that it was written out of great passion by the author.

In my opinion you wrote a very good message as well, because it was very interesting and catched my attention (not an easy thing to do, because I am so lazy a boy...)
Very good work indeed!

Have a great Halloween (or, as my grandmother says, Aulin) day!

At 10/29/2006 11:12 AM, Blogger Giorgia said...

Hi Annalisa!!
I think that your search on blog has produced a very interesting result!!! particular the first!!!..I think it's the typical blog that catches you attention at once! In particular because it's full of different opinions and experiences...the reason why people began writing on blog! I have to tell you that I enjoyed myself in exploring this blog because some reasons are very strange! For example the girl who met his husband on's incredible! And a man says that he feels important thanks to thi sactivity!
The reasons are numerous and very very different! When I began this experience on blog I didn't think that such a strange and interesting world could reveal!
Thank you Annalisa for this blog, exploring it wasa pleasure for me!
Have a nice weekend and... I think it was you who told me on the first blog that you are a little witch..and so..I think that tomorrow is your birthday!!..HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ANNALISA!!
Bye Giorgia

At 11/17/2006 4:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Laurie, the one who met her husband because of blogging. :) Thanks for linking to my blog and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Truth is stranger than fiction, eh?


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