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Sunday, October 29, 2006

e-tivity 2: weave

I see you all got a real taste of what the blogoshpere is about - both good and bad. For this week's feedback I've done what is called weave. Rather than summing up what you've said, I've chosen bits and pieces of what you said and put them together to represent what I think you all have gotten out of this activity. You’ve made some very interesting observations ;-) We'll talk about it more in class next week :-)


Your impressions of the blogosphere…

I have to admitt that I had no idea before that blogs could be so numerous! Searching for 2 interesting blogs I discovered an infinite number of these and I realized that I had to be careful in my choice. (Giorgia)

You can find blogs about everything in the world (Marco)

This world of blogs makes me confused! I have some difficulties in finding the two blogs I prefer because there are many things I'm now learning about the exploration of the blogosphere. (Lara)

The search for the blogs had been more difficult than I thought because on the net there are really millions and millions of blogs but only some of them are really interesting. (Alice)

I have to confess that it surprise me a lot that there are so many blogs on the net … It takes me a lot of time to find those that really interest me. They are so various and numerous! (Svjetlana)

I've spent two hours searching for an interesting blog..they are so numerous!! (Annalisa)

Exploring the blogophere is extremely funny and interesting, you can find an indefinite number of blogs and the fact that it is an endless virtual world makes you get confused! (Francesca)

Genre in the blogoshpere

Blogs are in general very communicative, they contain short and simple sentences. (Lara)
Visiting numerous blogs I noticed that the style is very very concise and very informal (Giorgia)
the language used by bloggers is very informal and simple. (Barbara)
… blogs are written in a simple and concise way. (Lara)

…it is written using a very informal language, as it seems more the reporting of a spoken text than a true written text … the author uses short phrases and colloquial expressions like "licking my lips" and so on. He organized his text in a personal way with short paragraphs, short sentences and smiles (like this :-) ) (Marco)
As regards the kind of language used, I think it is generally a very informal language, something near to spoken english, between reading and talking. In fact, there could be a lot of colloquialisms, slang words or idiomatic expressions. Furthermore, I think that in some cases the blog language could be even vulgar. (Annalisa)

But I think it is not very informal like a blog should be. What I mean is that from the point of view of information is really good … but concerning the language, I consider it too formal and it seems quite you are reading a newspaper. (Alice)
…the text type is informative, the language used is very formal and the style is concise. (Francesca)

The title often catches your attention and clicking on it you enter the blog where there is often an introduction explaining a particular subject. (Giorgia)
Furthermore, some of them divided one paragraph from another using a space in order to facilitate the reading. (Barbara)
..the paragraph in this blog is written with a space between the body of the text and the final note, in order to make it easier to read (Marco)
At the beginning of the blog, the title catches the reader's attention, then each paragraph contains a particular subject or thought. (Lara)
In many cases I decided to visit some of them just because of their titles (questions or provocative sentences) which arose my curiosity or interest. (Francesca)

The use of images and coulors is very important to give the distinction of each argument and capture your eyes! (Lara)
I think that the use of images is very important. (Svjetlana)
... the most interesting aspect of these two blogs is the fact that they both exploits two different but complementary arts, that is writing and photography, in order to catch the user's attention. (Maria Chiara)

It seems that the two blogs were created according to the "minimax" strategy, that is, using the minimum number of words to achieve the maximum result. As a matter of fact, their communicative impact is quite strong. (Maria Chiara)

Far from being "boring", the blogs tempt you to comment on what you read and to take part in the discussion … invites you to join the blog and share thoughts and ideas by means of direct questions and exhortations (Maria Chiara)

... everyone who writes has great freedom of speech and has an opportunity to arrange the layout of their blogs in a very personal way. (Annalisa)

What you had to say about links

I have to admitt that one of the things that struck me is that blogs are full of links; this a good thing because if you are interested in a particular subject you find it at once! (Giorgia)
Very often in the blog you can find some links which drive you to a deepening about a particular subect you are interested in. (Barbara)
Moreover, many words contain links to other websites or blogs so just by clicking on them you can explore again a new world. I think blogging is an infinitive activity! (Lara)
Each of them contains many links to other blogs, to sites, to old posts, to the profile etc. Many of the blogs I've seen are quite difficult to read just because of too many links and because of their length. (Svjetlana)
…people seem to choose to create them according to their different interests and also when these links could mean something interesting to people who are reading that particular blog and want to go into some topics thoroughly. (Annalisa)


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