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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Exploring the blogosphere!!!!

Hi everybody!!

Exploring the blogophere is extremely funny and interesting, you can find an indefinite number of blogs and the fact that it is an endless virtual world makes you get confused! I spent many hours to visit some of them (I had no idea before that they could be so numerous!).
As regards the choice It has been really hard but I hope that you like them! The first blog deals with tourism, while the second talks about pets!

Alternative travel…I have chosen this blog for different reasons. First I love travelling so my primary concern was to find something interesting linked to this field. I found several blogs about tourism and travelling in general, but I was most interested in a particular kind of tourism: sustainable tourism. In my previous years at university I have studied sustainable tourism development and since then my interest and curiosity about this subject has increased more and more! This blog gives you many information about this alternative way of travelling strictly bound up with nature and local culture. Eco-travel is aimed to reduce environmental impacts of tourism, arise tourists’ awareness of sustainable travel, supporting local communities, and of course make tourists living an unique experience! Furthermore this blog is really interesting because there are many articles, pictures and links about eco-travel which can arise your curiosity. Don’t miss it! :-)

The second blog is: Dogs And Pets Provide Health Benefits. I was looking for some blogs about pets’ friends and I found this interesting blog about pets’ therapy. I love pets and I have red that many of you love them too, so I have chosen it because it is really interesting, in particular the question: “Did you know that owning a dog and pet ownership in general, can help a person in many ways?”. This question arose my curiosity and I hope yours too.
Recent research suggest that pets have positive effects on our life and health! In this blog you can explore this amazing discovery and you can also read some useful information and advices if you own a pet. Don’t forget to have a look at the other articles on this blog, I assure you that they contain useful information on pet care!! :-)

Exploring the blogosphere I could notice some characteristics about blogs in general and the language used. As regards the blogs that I have chosen the text type is informative, the language used is very formal and the style is concise. Moreover there are many links and articles about the subject matter. The titles of the articles catch readers’ attention and at the end of them you can post your comments. I have never explore the blogosphere before, you can share your interests and I think that the most interesting aspect is the fact that you can actively participate by posting your comments or asking if you have any curiosity about the matter. Once you enter in a blog you are involved in the interaction!

I also explore other types of blogs, they are written in a very informal and colloquial language, the layout is original and colourful and pictures are never missing. In some case the language is also very vulgar, and this is due to the fact that there aren’t any restrictions. I noticed that you can write whatever you want on a blog and perhaps arrange your favourite layout, it is like a work of art: it expresses your personality.
Blogs are in general very communicative, they contain short and simple sentences. In many cases I decided to visit some of them just because of their titles (questions or provocative sentences) which arose my curiosity or interest.

That’s really all for the moment…... :-) TAKE CARE!


At 10/28/2006 5:05 PM, Blogger Maria Chiara said...

Hi Francesca! I've just commented on one of the blogs chosen by Marco and now I'd like to comment on the second one chosen by you, as it is strikingly different. "Dogs and Pets Provide Health and Benefits", besides being quite interesting for its contents (I never heard about pets' therapy!), it gives us the possibility to reflect upon the different types of language that can be used to write blogs. The blog chosen by Marco is very "colloquial", whereas this one is much more formal, without losing its communicative impact. Moreover, I agree with you when you state that "pictures are never missing" in blogs and that "blogs are in general very communicative". I think that these two features are deeply interrelated, as the second one is the consequence of the first one: if a blog is made up of both words and pictures (images, photos...), its communicative impact will be stronger.
Maria Chiara

At 10/30/2006 10:28 AM, Blogger Annalisa said...

Hi Francesca!
I've been intrigued by the title of the second blog you've chosen.Like you I love animals and I've recently heard on the news about how animals can be useful for people's health:they said this new kind of pet therapy could help especially kids with problems of autism.
It is very interesting to go through this blog and to read that a recent research suggests dogs may be able to detect certain types of cancers. It is a quite extraordinary and unbelievable fact but it would be wonderful if one day this could be real!
Furthermore I think the style of this blog is very different from the one of the blogs I've read.
It is quite formal,high informative and detailed.It has numerous links and seems almost an article taken from a scientific magazine rather than a blog.
Also ALTERNATIVE TRAVEL has some peculiar features.
In fact, this blog is very long and extremely detailed. Like the previous one,it is written in a quite formal language and has a large number of links and many pictures. It is more similar to a web site than to a simple you agree?


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