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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Svjetlana explores the blogosphere!

Hi people!

Here we are again, doing a new e-tivity.
Well, first of all, I have to confess that it surprise me a lot that there are so many blogs on the net (And I've had a look only on those in English!). It takes me a lot of time to find those that really interest me. They are so various and numerous! I also become aware of the fact that it is very important the way in which one creates its own blog. In fact not all of them had captured my attention: some were boring or too long.

Here are those that in my opinion are quite interesting to have a look at:
This blog is fundamentally made up of photos and some information about its creator. I choose it because Halloween is coming, in fact only 5 days are missing. I have to admit that I am not a very big fan of this American party. Perhaps this is the reason why I've found this blog accidentally. But I think it is pretty nice, so this is why I’ve chosen it. I recommend it if you like dogs and if you want to see some of them in very funny positions and wearing funny clothes.
Have you ever tried to print your photo on leaves? Have you ever desired to create your own secret room, maybe behind your bookshelf? Do you want to learn to make sushi? You can find answers at these and many other intereseting questions on this blog. "Make" gives you instructions and photos in order to create, with your own hands, many different things, from funny halloween pumpkins to robots. Therefore, have fun!

Google blog:
All of us use Google for many different reasons, but I suppose none of us have ever used it to look at its official blog. On this blog you can find interesting informations about Google, but also news about thing that happens all around the world. And especially there are many links to other blogs.
General observations:
Visiting many blogs I've discovered that they are very various. But also that all of them have some aspects in common. First of all, they all have big and colorful headings in order to attract readers attention. The language and the style they use is informal. Each of them contains many links to other blogs, to sites, to old posts, to the profile etc. Many of the blogs I've seen are quite difficult to read just because of too many links and because of their length. I think that the use of images is very important. As we've pointed out last lesson, it is really hard to spend hours and hours on computer, so it is necessary to attract the readers attention and patience.

This is all for now.

Bye, bye.



At 10/28/2006 11:37 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Dear Svjetlana,
I've already written this in another comment, but I think you might find it interesting too to find out more about MySpace. It's a social networking software. If you've got time do a bit of research, maybe in online newspapers, and give us some feedback.



At 10/30/2006 12:43 PM, Blogger francesca said...

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At 10/30/2006 12:48 PM, Blogger francesca said...

Hi Svjetlana,
I visited the blogs that you suggested us and I found them very original. First I’d like to comment on the blog “My space”. I love pets and I decided to visit it. You are true!! This blog is really funny!! It is entirely made up of colourful pictures of ‘Halloween pets’, they are wearing funny cloths and make me smile a lot!
The second blog that you have chosen is interesting and funny too. I read your comment about the blog “make” and it made me curious, so I decided to visit it. It gives many advices and instructions in order to create many different things by yourself! I enjoyed a lot to visit it, perhaps all those Halloween masks and pumpkins are really funny. In this blog there are a large number of pictures and links, the language used is quite informal and communicative. I agree with you with the fact that these blogs attract the reader’s attention and curiosity, moreover the great deal of photos make them even more funny to visit!! Good choice…..see you soon! Francesca


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